The art of design of an ace soil condition is to use Bentonite which able to change the soil structure and improve soil physical properties, especially in the arid region. The ability of cation exchange and water holding property are responsible to make Bentonite as soil conditioner, our product called FERTIWELL®is an engineered Bentonite for Soil conditioner.


  • Customize grain size helps to use according to final usage.
  • Good water holding capacity.
  • Improve soil structure and increase solid, liquid and gas ratio.
  • Increase microbial activities and improving the fertility of the soil.
  • Control release of fertilizer nutrients and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, thereby saving the production cost.


  • Used as filler.
  • Used coating over urea, DAP and other nitrogen based fertilizers.
  • Used as carrier of micro nutrient and pesticide
  • Used as binder of several organic manure.