The thixotropic and viscosity property of Bentonite makes it suitable to use in paper industries, in the process of paper making, it is important to prevent of agglomeration of fine particles, however Bentonite can be use to achieve that. The slurry of Bentonite can improve the retention of pulps and gives uniformity to the sheet. Our product PAPIERWELL®is a selectively mined and processed Bentonite for paper, pulp and other similar industries.


  • Good retention property, smooth finish.
  • Sand free system.
  • Soft, fine powder, ensure low consumption.
  • Comparative with other additives.


  • Superb quality, natural Bentonite clay ready to use for paper, pulp and other similar industries.

Premium Quality Paper Grade Bentonite for Paper Industries

We manufacture, supply and export premium quality paper grade Bentonite for paper industries. It is a pure form and the best quality of Bentonite for the paper application. We also supply Montmorillonite Clay with the most efficient uses in various production units in India and abroad.