Calcium Bentonite Powder

Swell Well Minechem is a renowned name in supplying quality Calcum Bentonite Powder. The company is dealing with a wide range of Bentonites. Its state of the art manufacturing facility is catering to the need of cosmetic, fertilizer, foundry, and paper industry. Swell Well chem is located in a strategical location which makes it a right place to get the minerals. Bentonites clays are often classified into different types like Sodium, Aluminium, Calcium, and Potassium. We are no 1 preferred company for Calcium Bentonite Powder.

What is Calcium Bentonite

Bentonite belongs to the family of clay formed from the volcanic ash. Calcium Bentonite, also known as Calcium Montmorillonite is known for its healing and curative properties. This makes a favourite supply to the cosmetic industries. It’s cleansing and detoxifying properties make it a wonderful odourless clay for internal and external cleansing.

The deposits of the Calcium Bentonite are the most common among all the types. The calcium Bentonite is also transformed into Sodium Bentonite using the ion exchange process. After this transformation, it gains a higher swelling capacity.

How Calcium Bentonite Works

Our body gathers a large number of toxins from materials like paints, unhealthy food, pesticides etc. The calcium bentonite helps us by expelling these toxins. Thereby, it enhances our immunity and minimizes the chances of infections.

Besides an ability to eliminate body toxins, this clay is rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, potassium, and iron. Intake of this clay acts as a powerful supplement for the body.

Calcium Bentonite Clay – Uses & Applications

Calcium Bentonite clay is known for its excellent healing, binding, and detoxifying properties. It is a major constituent of the cosmetic industry worldwide.


  • To heal skin diseases
  • For clay bath to remove toxins
  • As probiotic
  • To promote immunity by eliminating bacteria
  • Water purifier
  • Normal skin infections like acne

Industrial Applications of Calcium Bentonite

The major industrial applications of this popular Bentonite clay are signification in various industries:

  • Cosmetic industry – This clay is used in all kinds of cosmetic products like foundation, skin lighteners, facials, pancakes, compact powders, anti-acne agents, and lipstick binders.
  • Iron and Steel Foundries – It is mainly used for smaller castings using wet or green molds.
  • Drilling Mud – The clay is also used as drilling mud with different composition adjusted as per the requirement of the depth and other factors.
  • Pelletizing – Since many years, this mineral is used as a binder in producing pellets of material. These are the natural or activated sodium Bentonites which are best to form good pellets with dry strength.
  • Absorbents – The calcium bentonite clay is used in the clarification of oils, wines, as well in the bleaching. They are also important in purifying the contaminated water.

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