• Easy to spread over open air ground due to granules form for pet animals.
  • Unique water absorption, good water holding capacity and odor controlling.
  • Easy to mix ingredient, pigments and perfumes due to high absorbent capacity.
  • Clump when wet it is easy to remove and disposed it.
  • Unused material stays intact and can continue to use.
  • It is stays last longer with less frequency changing.
  • Used as catalyst carries, fungicides, filler and dehydrating agent.
  • Bentonite is used for cat litter, due to its advantage of absorbing refuse by forming clumps (which can be easily removed) leaving the remaining product intact for further use.
  • We produced the material as per customer requirement also.

Swell Well Minechem Pvt. Ltd – The Popular Bentonite Car Litter Manufacturers in Bhuj, Gujarat

Swell Well Minechem Pvt. Ltd is a Gujarat based Bentonite cat litter manufacturers. We have sophisticated technology and expert technicians to supervise the production of high-quality Bentonite cat litter. We manufacture Bentonite-based cat litter by purifying it by the application of high temperature and drying technology. Our products have superior absorption quality, deodorant effect and can prevent the generation of bacteria and other organisms. Hence, you can make sure that your cats and other pets grow in a healthy environment. We also supply Montmorillonite Clay in various types and sizes.