Indian Bentonite

Swell Well Mine Chem is into manufacturing of a wide range of Bentonite products in India. The client’s base includes foundries, construction, contraction, and pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. The Indian Bentonite powder supplied by the company is extremely suitable for internal and external detoxification. The Indian Bentonite is supplied in crud as well processed forms. It is also supplied in various packings as per client’s requirement.

A very large number of deposits of the Bentonites are present around the world. Gujarat and Rajasthan states are the major producers of the Bentonite powders. Both granular and activated forms are available. The production of the Bentonite is concentrated in Kutch, Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. The sodium bentonite found in the Kutch district of Gujarat is very famous for its gelling and swelling properties.

Origin of Indian Bentonite

The Indian bentonite is essentially plastic clay with flexible viscosity. It contains almost 85% montmorillonite, a clay mineral. However, the name of the mineral refers to the place in the USA where it was first found. The natural clay is of a great commercial significance. Its bleaching property is often similar to the fuller’s earth. The wide usage of this healing clay is for bleaching and hence also known as bleaching clay.

Types of Bentonites

There are major two types of Bentonites including Calcium Bentonites and Sodium Bentonites. While sodium type is mainly a highly swelling type, calcium Bentonite is a non-swelling type.

The Calcium bentonite or the fuller’s earth is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty products. High dry bonding strength, impermeability, compressive strength and plasticity make the Bentonites best for use in drilling and construction. However, the Calcium Bentonite has a huge usage in the beauty industry. The calcium bentonite also possesses a high level of detoxifying effect.

Indian Bentonite Healing Clay

The use of this healing clay has unlimited benefits for the skin and its beauty.

  1. Internal cleansing of the skin
  2. Eliminating the contaminants with its ionic pull
  3. Creates a rejuvenating effect
  4. A complete non-greasy and non-oily facial pack
  5. Improves the blood flow in the facial muscles

It is also a very affordable beauty treatment for face compared to other expensive beauty products.

Benefits of Bentonite

The detoxifying property of the Calcium Bentonite is highly used by the beauty industry. Besides being a good detoxifying agent, it is a natural supplement. The clay is rich in minerals like calcium, silica, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iron.

While the external use of the clay is quite known, it is also taken with water and ingested into the body.

Swell Well Mine Chem is catering to the needs of bentonites for a very large number of industries. The company’s in-house R&D team is also continuously exploring the potentials of supplying the material to more industries in future. Swell Well offers high-quality product including Drilling Bentonite and services to the clients with the assurance of the utmost customer satisfaction. We are currently dealing with mining, processing, and manufacturing of Bentonites, Barites, and Attapulgite, Foundry Bentonite. The well-established unit spreads in a very large area of Bhuj, Contact us.

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