The art of design a leak proof pond is to use Bentonite as a sealant, the use of Bentonite is often investigated for new or leaking ponds, The magic clay Bentonite have TOT structure which can store water and due to its expansion at “C” direction lock further seepage, normally sodium Bentonite is ideal for this kind of application, our product PONDWELL™­ is selectively mined non treated sodium Bentonite is recommended for pond sealing and other similar application.

Sr. No. Parameters Results
1 Free Swelling Volume 22 ml min.
2 MBA Value 390 mg/100 gm
3 Moisture 10-12% min
4 pH 8-10
5 API Yield 90 BBL
6 Plate water absorbtion 550% min.
  • Chemical free material, safe to use as sealant at pond
  • Very low seepage rate as compare to other material like HDPE, LDPE.
  • Easy to install, Just mix with soil and use.
  • Customize powder, or coarse material for your pond.
  • It is recommended to use as sealing material of any pond, Dam, or other similar application, Material can be use at GCL.

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