PILEWELL® SW 150 is selectively mined and process for high end trenchless technology as well as trenchless drilling, it is polymer treated sodium activated Bentonite which have a Yield of 150 BBL. PILEWELL® SW 150 is highly recommended for Micro tunneling, HDD, HDB and other similar high tech trenchless process.

Why this product:

Aimed to achieve a good engineered water based mud for high end trenchless technology, it is very impotent to achieve the best Rheology, require some special water based polymer. The polymer able to give perfect Rheology as well as some special property like low skin friction, less heat at cutting head and thin filter cake formation.

  • Applicable for many type of soil’s statistic.
  • One Bag slurry suitable for Micro tunneling, HDD, Pipe Jacking, hence one Bentonite for whole project.
  • Ace carrying capacity.
  • One bag additives for drilling.
  • Share thinning fluid.


PILEWELL® SW-120 is premium sodium activated Bentonite suitable to use Diaphragm walling, Board pilling, Slurry trench cut off and other similar technology, superb wall holding capacity ensure minimal collapse. The Yield of this product is 120 BBL.

How to Use

  • Simply add 47 kg PILEWELL® SW-120 in 1000 ltr. fresh water to get 40 second marsh viscosity.


  • Instant thixotropic gel.
  • Good Yield point to carry cutting.
  • Lubricate and cool drill bit.
  • One bag slurry for many applications.
  • Near zero collapse